Pimento wood sticks, chips, pimento leaves and Jamaican marinades for cooking Jerk cuisine!!

Sweet Wood Sticks

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Sweet Wood Sticks are used to infuse a bay leaf jerk flavor into food during grilling/cooking.

True jerk food is cooked not just over pimento wood sticks, but also over sweet wood sticks as well.  Sweet Wood, the Jamaican name for the Laurel tree are  essential to the process of grilling/cooking authentic jerk. Sweet Wood has a much sweeter smell to it than pimento wood, the aroma of the sweet wood is very pleasant to the nose you can only begin to imagine the amazing flavor it's going to bring to your meats.

With your order you will receive a total of 4 Sweet Wood sticks.  Each stick measures 12 inches in length. You can reuse your sweet wood sticks 3-4 times simply by washing well with water after each use.  If you ever wondered how famous jerk stands in Jamaica like "Scotchies" get that incredible blended smoke flavor into the meats it is simply  by using both pimento wood sticks and sweet wood sticks during the cooking process.  Both the sweet wood and pimento wood infuse such  flavor we can assure you this will be one of the greatest things your taste buds have every experienced.