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Pimento Wood Sticks are used for grilling jerk chicken, fish, pork or shrimp. With your order you will receive a total of 4 pimento wood sticks. Each stick is around 12 inches in length.  Pimento Wood also known as Pimenta Diocia is used in Jamaica to make authentic jerk. The meat is placed directly on top of the green wood, as the chicken cooks, it absorbs oils directly from the surface of the wood, and also gets imbued with the fragrant steam and smoke produced by the green wood. Pimento wood sticks can also be used with sweet wood sticks together during the cooking process to bring that perfect flavor combination to your food. Pimento wood is essential to creating true jerk flavor. If you are not using pimento for making your jerk dishes, it’s not jerk!

If you have never had authentic Jamaican Jerk before this is a treat that will leave your friends and family begging you to make it over and over again. All of the famous jerk stands in Jamaica such as Scotchies etc.. are all using both pimento wood and sweet wood when making their jerk.

You can usually get about 3 BBQ sessions out of your sticks before it really starts to lose it’s flavor and true aromas that are necessary to bring great flavor to your meats. To extend the life of your pimento wood sticks simply rinse and scrub well with warm water after each use.

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