Jerk BBQ Secrets

As an extension to our “How to” page we wanted to also have another area on our site where we could share some tips to help you when making jerk.

  • Soak your leaves, sticks and chips for at least 20 minutes to avoid any flare ups.
  • Do not open the grill in between flips, doing so will result in leathery/rubbery chicken skin. No peeking in-between flips!
  • Marinade your chickens 36-48 hours if you can especially whole chickens 5 lbs+
  • Be sure that your water pan always has sufficient water during your cook and be sure to place a few pimento leaves in the water pan to infuse even more flavor!
  • Baste your chicken with beer during the last 60 minutes of the cook
  • Be sure your pimento wood chips are smoking before you put the meat on
  • Do not poke chicken with a fork during cooking as this will release essential juices that make jerk so delicious and tender
  • Once your meat is done wrap in tinfoil for 10 minutes or so before serving to allow the juices to build within the meats.





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